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  • Again 3 HCM negative test result at sphynx cattery v/d Noorderplassen.

    Today (07-02-2020) 3 cats from Sphynx Cattery v / d Noorderplassen are tested HCM negative again. Our male from South – Africa : Hakuna Matata at the beautifull age of 6 years. Our Russian girl : Jacqueline a.k.a. Blue at the beautiful age of 6 years. And our girl from own breeding programme : Look! Purrfectly Naked v / d Noorderplassen a.k.a. Skin at the beautiful age of 7 years and 2 months. We are very happy with these good test results at an older age.

    Jimmy Choo v/d Noorderplassen in kids tv show

    Found this morning (8 -1-2019) this message in my cattery mailbox:

    Good morning! I am Moran from KRO-NCRV and I am making a program called Trespassing at Own Risk. This is a game for children between the ages of 11 and 15 with challenges and challenges that will be broadcast on Saturday on Zapp tv. For a challenge between the presenters we are looking for a nude cat that could come to the studio with us. The challenge means that the presenters have to rummage through different objects and animals to guess what it is. The cat will not be touched and the owner is also allowed to stay there to hold the cat. I like to hear if there is a cat that would like to work on this fun youth program. The recordings are on Sunday January 20th in Hilversum.

    I have contacted my buyer Vico Kádár because he has often participated in such things with his 2 kittens from my cattery. This afternoon i was told that they have chosen Vico & Jimmy Choo of the Noorderplassen for the program. Am very proud of course. Good luck Vico & Jimmy Choo from the Noorderplassen.

    Goth a beautiful pen drawing as a birthday present

    One of my best friends from Belgium goth me a great birthday present. It’s a beautiful pen drawing made by Inge van Elst. It’s a drawing of my sphynx boy Baloe van de Noorderplassen, who died far to young. I still mis him everyday.

    Beautiful pen drawing made of Blue by Inge van Elst

    Inge van Elst made a very nice pen drawing of Blue. This pen drawing is auctioned in Het Lichtruim, during the charity art sale. I am very proud that Blue van Sphynx Cattery van de Noorderplassen was allowed to stand model for this beautiful drawing. It is also very nice that we have been able, to do something for the good cause in this way. Hopefully there will be many more beautiful drawings and watercolor aquarels from Inge van Elst.

    Second aquarel of Kissy finished.

    Finally Inge van Elst made the pencil drawing of Kissy into a beautiful painting. I’m very proud that Inge considers my cats gorgeous enough, to make such beautiful art. This is the second painting Inge made of Kissy. The other one is also on this news page.

    A beautiful new pencil drawing of Kissy made by aquarel artist Inge van Elst.

    Inge van Elst made another beautiful drawing of Kissy. She has written this on her Facebook page.  Study of white cat, 20×30 pencil 2H. A blanc paper, a pencil and an eraser. A few hours later the drawing was done. I love to draw different materials like fabric, wood, skin etc. I had the pleasure to use one of the beautiful sphynx cats of Sphynx Cattery van de Noorderplassen.  I’m a proud sphynx mom and can’t wait to see what the new aquarel will look like.

    Aquarel of Kissy at exhibition in Italy spring 2018

    This is what artist Inge van Elst wrote at her Facebook page. Aquarel, 56×38 cm “ De Kersenmepper”, (the Cherry Smasher”). My “Cherry smasher” is being presented at the international aquarel exhibition in Fabriano Italy spring 2018. Always exciting to see, if they make the ballotage and it did! Kissy was the model for this aquarel, so being presented at the Italian aquarel exhibition, makes me very proud!

    Artist Inge van Elst Payed the cattery a visit.

    Thursday 17 august 2017 aquarel artist Inge van Elst visited sphynx cattery van de Noorderplassen to shoot some pictures of the sphynx cats. She never has seen a sphynx cat in real life, so she was very glad to finally meet them. Hoping that she will get some more inspiration to make gorgeous aquarels. Inge already started scetching Kissy, so i’m very proud and curious about the end result. Can’t wait.

    Proud! 1 of my kittens as a tattoo

    1 of the can openers of the kitten from my cattery, has him tattooed on her leg. The result looks great as you can see on the pictures. I’m a very proud mom! Where’s My Toupee van de Noorderplassen a.k.a. Beau.


    Autumn Breeze van de Noorderplassen on kids tv show

    A few weeks ago, i got an message from the director of the dutch kids tv show Beestieboys. They were looking for sphynx cats and their owners. To tell all about the sphynx and their special bond together. I asked one of my kittenbuyers if she would like to do the show. Coba and Autumn Breeze van de Noorderplassen will be on tv around september 2016. The shoot was last friday the 8th of july. The exact date of broadcast will be known in a few weeks. Very proud that one of my kids made the tv show.

    Autumn Breeze - Day 60 - 26


    We won a photo contest at the vets office

    On the 8th of july we got the news that we won the photo contest at the vets office. The kitten picture of Indiana, Vancouver and New York van de Noorderplassen won. I’m a very proud sphynx mom as always. The price is a free consult at the vets office, the kitten picture will be printed on the vaccine cards for 3 months, the picture will be published in a local paper (Almere deze week) and we will get a surprise package.

    Dier van het Kwartaal DA

    Kissy Kiss is here!

    Sunday 6 march 2016 Kissy Kiss from Philippopolis arrived at the van de Noorderplassen residence. Rene & Svetlana thanks a lot for trusting me. I will take good care of “our” girl.

    Kissy Bewerkt Klein Formaat 2


    Photoshoot by BW-Shots

    I saw a photo contest on facebook. So i send in some pictures of my Noorderplassen cats. They have won a free photoshoot by BW-Shots in Almere. Thursday 25th of february was their big day. There are more pictures of the photoshoot by BW-Shots in the photogallery on the website.

    Skin Bewerkt Klein Formaat 1

    Smartie’s picture on a cup of the catclub

    Today 15 december 2015 i received a present from the Belgian catclub. The president of the catclub Andrea sent me a cup with Smartie’s (Sizzling Brown Sugar v/d Noorderplassen) on it. Andrea thanks so much for this lovely gift.

    Mok Smartie

    Jimmy Choo v/d Noorderplassen made the newspaper

    Another Noorderplassen sphynx in the spotlight. Jimmy Choo v/d Noorderplassen, was chosen from a large number of applicants, to appear in the pet edition of a big dutch newspaper. Jimmy is a full litter brother of our Juicy Couture v/d Noorderplassen, who was chosen in may 2015 to appear with her photo in Linda magazine.

    Jimmy Choo In De AD - 1

    Smarties picture on family tree

    A picture of my homegrown girl Sizzling Brown Sugar a.k.a. Smartie is used for a pedigree design of a new starting Belgium cat association. I’m very proud of my little girl. Apparently more people find her as gorgeous as I do.

    Hakuna arrived from South-Africa

    Moon Catz Hakuna Matata arrived on 24-9-2014 all the way from South – Africa. We are very happy with this new addition to our breeding programme. Hakuna is DNA tested. He is a lilac sphynx and carrier of siamese point. We are very grateful that Charon scheepers of Moon Catz cattery trusted us enough to sent us this gorgeous and sweet tempered boy.



    Quicksilver arrived from Russia

    Pharaon Cats Quicksilver arrived on 27-6-2012 all the way from Russia, to be added to my breeding programme. Unfortunate he became very sick. The breeder didn’t take her responsibilty at all. So i bought the most expensive pet ever. If you are interested to read his whole story click here.



    Sphynx Tattoo

    In october 2011 my very first sphynx girl Mrs. Cloudy’s Pride Dione a.k.a. Gummi and i became inseperatable. I bought a digital drawing of Gummi and had it made into a tattoo.

    Gummi Tattoo

    Arrival of Miss Cara from Indira

    We are very happy to welcome Miss Cara from Indira to our home. She is a chocolate point girl and will make a great future combination with our chocolate mink boy Joser Zodiac. We are very grateful that Greetje allowed us to add Cara’s lines to our breeding programme. Thanks for the trust.Cara 14 Weken Oud

    The Nudes

    There are also pictures of the cats from sphynx cattery van de Noorderplassen in a book called The Nudes. The money made by this book also went towards the HCM research by Dr. Kate Meurs in America.The Nudes 1The Nudes 2

    Scrapbook for HCM research

    The cats from sphynx cattery van de Noorderplassen are also involved in the fight against HCM. We donated some pictures of our sphynx cats to be published in a scrapbook. The money made by selling of this book will go towards the HCM research from Dr. Kate Meurs in America.Scrapbook for HCM Research