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  • Again 3 HCM negative test result at sphynx cattery v/d Noorderplassen.

    Today (07-02-2020) 3 cats from Sphynx Cattery v / d Noorderplassen are tested HCM negative again. Our male from South – Africa : Hakuna Matata at the beautifull age of 6 years. Our Russian girl : Jacqueline a.k.a. Blue at the beautiful age of 6 years. And our girl from own breeding programme : Look! Purrfectly Naked v / d Noorderplassen a.k.a. Skin at the beautiful age of 7 years and 2 months. We are very happy with these good test results at an older age.

    Jimmy Choo v/d Noorderplassen in kids tv show

    Found this morning (8 -1-2019) this message in my cattery mailbox:

    Good morning! I am Moran from KRO-NCRV and I am making a program called Trespassing at Own Risk. This is a game for children between the ages of 11 and 15 with challenges and challenges that will be broadcast on Saturday on Zapp tv. For a challenge between the presenters we are looking for a nude cat that could come to the studio with us. The challenge means that the presenters have to rummage through different objects and animals to guess what it is. The cat will not be touched and the owner is also allowed to stay there to hold the cat. I like to hear if there is a cat that would like to work on this fun youth program. The recordings are on Sunday January 20th in Hilversum.

    I have contacted my buyer Vico Kádár because he has often participated in such things with his 2 kittens from my cattery. This afternoon i was told that they have chosen Vico & Jimmy Choo of the Noorderplassen for the program. Am very proud of course. Good luck Vico & Jimmy Choo from the Noorderplassen.

    Goth a beautiful pen drawing as a birthday present

    One of my best friends from Belgium goth me a great birthday present. It’s a beautiful pen drawing made by Inge van Elst. It’s a drawing of my sphynx boy Baloe van de Noorderplassen, who died far to young. I still mis him everyday.


    The character of the sphynx is almost as special as his unique appearance. They are very often described as part cat, part monkey, part dog, and a part child. They are addicted to attention. Household chores you will never do alone again. There’s also nothing like the sphynx cuddling with his owner.   Read more…