Dear catlovers,

I am not going public with this to slander or hurt a person. I need to tell this story of an animal that was hurt and that has no voice of itself.

Some breeders make choices that make them money but make live animals suffer, while breeders should be the protectors of young animals at the beginning of their life.

There is little to no control on breeding ethics worldwide and breeders are getting away with animal cruelty every day. The only way to stop it is publicly naming people who knowingly hurt animals, so buyers are warned and do not have to go through the pain of losing an animal and because the only way to get these breeders to wake up, is to hit them in the only place it hurts, their wallet, because they don’t care about animal welfare.

A breeder that knowingly hurts animals and people by breeding cats that have congenital or hereditary diseases and keeps doing that when one after another cat gets very sick. A breeder that knowingly destroys the lives of breeders and animals for money. This story is about such a “breeder”.

On the 26th of july the Sphynx kitten from “breeder” Anghela Osina from Pharaon Cats
( Quicksilver ) arrived at the airport. He was accompanied by a Russian courier.
The kitten i bought as a breeding prospect looked visibile healthy.

After 5 days I got an pm on Facebook from a breeder friend from Belgium. She asked me if the boy was entirely healthy, because she had bought a girl from the same breeder and she was very sick upon arrival. High fever, bad eyes, coughs, sneezes, diarrhea and a worm-infection.
She also told me that a breeder friend of her in America bought a boy from the same breeder and that he got sick on day 5 at her home. He had high fevers as well, coughing, sneezing, diarrhea and he had cought up an adult worm.
Also there is a breeder in France with a girl from the same cattery which very similar symptoms and the girl is now about a year old and still has diarrhea, i was told by my breeder friend in Belgium.

I told her that my boy was very healthy until that moment and that i was very happy with him.

On day 6 we noticed that he was very lethargic, didn’t want to play or even walk. He felt very warm and with the email of the breeder-friend still in my mind, we went to the vets office.
Quick had a very high fever (40.1 degrees) and what seemed to be a painfull throat.
He got some antibiotics and pain-killers and we took him back home.

The next day he had an even higher fever (40.8 degrees), so we decided to take him to the vet again and leave him there in good care of our vet, because such high fevers can be life-threatening to such a small kitten or just any animal.
Our Quick was cooled and put on iv fluids to try to get his fever down.

As soon as i arrived home i informed the breeder of the developments. She claimed right away that he had become sick by the trip overhere, by the contact with my cats or by the fact that he had played outside in the fenced yard.

He stayed for 3 days at the vets office. After those 3 days his fever seemed to be under control enough to come home again.

He was brought home with the rest of the antibiotics and some medication to keep his fever down.
He was given the medication to keep his fever down for about 14 days.

I have kept in touch with the breeder all the time. Telling her about all the developments as I figured a breeder would care about a kitten that has been in her care for weeks. Unfortunately she has never send me an email to ask how Quick was doing, all contact was one way traffic and still is!!!
That is what hurts the most…

On Saturday the 18th of August he got his last round of the medication to keep his fever down.
Sunday the 19th of August he was again somewhat lethargic and seemed a bit hot.

I called the vets office. They told me not to worry to much, it was extremely hot outside that day and it probably was because of that. So they told me to keep him calm and cool.

Monday the 20th of August  i went to the vets office again. Quick seemed very lethargic again, he felt hot and was limping.

He had again 40+ degrees fever. His joins were very swollen and the vet has checked his legs and knees and discovered that he has Patella Luxation in both knees at the age of 4 months!!!
( This fact alone already makes him unfit as a breeder )

We decided to draw blood at the vets office and to test it, to see if he had any infections in his body or if there was something wrong with his organs.
The test tolds us there where no infections, all organs where okay.
However, his red bloodcel count was dramatically low.
For this reason we decided to have him tested on Felv/Fiv, because this can be a symptom of Felv/Fiv. Fortunately the test was negative.

Then we decided to draw some more blood and had it send to a extern lab to perform a Coombs test and test for blood parasites.
The test on blood parasites was negative, but the Coombs test was unfortunately positive!!!

The kitten ( purchased for my breeding program and should be the example of health ) has an auto immune disease!!!

His own body considers his body an enemy and attacks this. The little one is responding allergic to his own body and destroys his red bloodcells and that causes him to get anemic.

If Quick was not treated for this he would eventually have died. That possibility is/was also with treatment still present.

I communicated all this to his breeder and she kept saying that my cats had made him sick. Trying to desperately find ways to turn it all around with crazy reasoning.
I told her that, that’s not possible. You cannot get an genetic/congenital/birth defect from other cats.

In the breeders contract it says, if the kitten has a genetic/congenital/birth defect, that the buyer is entitled to another kitten. Now she is trying in all sorts of ways and making up the most idiotic excuses for not have to send me a new breeding kitten or pay for Quick’s vet bills.

She told me to send the kitten back at my expence and that she will have him checked.
I have bought Pharaon Cats Quicksilver for 2300 dollars + 700 dollars for shipping by courier and spend already 630 euro on vet bills and these costs will still go further up, because he is again at the vets office, because his situation is life-threatening again.

The only thing what the breeder says is, that i have to pay for his vet bills, she is in no way responsible for them. If it is a genetic/congenital/birth defect she will give me another kitten. If her vets say it is not a genetic/congenital/birth defect, i get nothing. Even if it’s not about the money.. on top of it all it really hurts to hear that the breeder does not care about her responsibility in all this.

I have told her in all honesty that Quick is too sick and too weak to fly all the way to Russia back and that if he is not treated that he probably will die during the flight.

I also told her that I am not at all obliged to return the kitten, because in her contract it says that I must send a written document by my vet with her findings about Quick. And that’s what i’m gonna do, as soon as I have received that from my vet. I especially have asked my vet to write her diagnosis in English so that the breeder and her vet can understand what’s wrong with Quick.
I still had some hope that just maybe she did care, but she refusses to understand what is wrong.. It is just to onbelievable to see a breeder react like this to the pain of her home grown baby. She did not care.

At her request i send some photographs of Quick and her only response was: how is it possible that a kitten who is that sick, is still looking fat and healthy. The fact that he is lying down on his side on all photographs seems to say nothing to her.

Then i send her a video of Quick so that she could see how sick he really is, and her only response was, is he under anaesthesia that he is not able to stand on his feet ? (He is not getting any anaestetic).

The little boy is far to weak and feeling dizzy and sick. He is not even able to stand on his feed, his joins hurt like hell. Are full with fluid, because of the imune polyarthritis.
If he want’s to eat or drink i must hold him up in my hands, to help him eat or drink.
On this picture you can clearly see how swollen his joints are.

And she asked me how a healthy cat from her cattery ( Pharaon Cats ) can become that sick in short time. He must have had something from my cats. And this goes on and on. She will turn the craziest thing into an excuse, if only she is not to blame. Because if she do admitt that it is genetic/congenital/birth defect, she has to pay for his vet bills and has to send me a new breeding kitten and has to make changes to her breeding stock and has to pull some cats from her own breeding program and stop selling them to others for big money for their breeding program.

If you want to see the 3th video i send to the breeder, send me a email or PM, so you all can see with your own eyes how sick the little boy was, whe she told me to send him back to Russia in this condition. Not caring if he would arrive dead or alive.

It’s sad that the breeder in no way is taking responsibility for the kitten she bred and sold, while he has a genetic/congenital/birth defect and it worries me that someone can treat animals like this. This Ms. thinks that she can keep hurting animals like this, that is why i want to share my story, so that it will never happen to someone else in the future. Something inside me says that she will not follow her contract, so why should i keep it to myself ? Why is everybody keeping silence when something like this happens ?

I sure would have appreciated it, if someone would have warned me about this “breeder” before i bought a kitten from her.

I thought i bought a healthy kitten from her for my breeding program and now it’s very clear that she did not send me a healthy kitten that can be a breeder someday.
And the saddest part of it all is, that Quick will never recover from this. He is in no way fit for breeding and he will never be a healthy cat.
She will not send me another kitten if her vet, who hasen’t seen the cat.. does not diagnose it with a genetic/congenital/birth defect.

The breeder is only saying that i am after “her” money.
And that’s where she is wrong again. I am after my own money, if she did sell me a healthy cat for breeding, i wouldn’t have to go to my vet so many times, to find out that he has a genetic/congenital/birth defect.

I wonder if she even went to her vet with the letter from my vet and the bloodtest results, because no vet in his right mind, would say that it is not a genetic/congenital/birth defect. He even has 2 if you count the Patellar Luxation too.

I have requested the breeder several times for the name and e-mail address of her vet, so that my vet could talk directly to her vet and discuss the blood tests and her findings with her vet.
This, she has refused me each time i asked or just plain ignored my request.
Just like she is know ignoring all my other mails.

I met a very nice lady through Facebook. She is original from Russia, but lives in the USA for many years now. I have asked her to help me out, because she can speak and write both English and Russian. I asked the lady to write an email in Russian to Quick’s breeder, so that maybe she would understand what is wrong with Quick. I thought maybe she didn’t understand what was wrong with Quick, because she used a translator to read my emails and send her emails in English.
Well is guess you all know the outcoming of that, the breeder just plain ignored that also…

Unfortunate the vet bills have already gone up till 1200 euro at the moment of publishing of my story.
And i know for sure that these costs will go up again, because Quick’s blood has to be tested on  regular base to see if his red bloodcell count will be okay or that it is dropping down again.
He also has to be castrated when he is old an “healthy” enough again because his genetic defect has to stop ( at least ) here at our cattery. We take our responsibilaty for the sphynx breed very seriously.
I hope that he won’t get sick again, because he could turn sick at any moment in life again. Quick’s breeder is not taking her responsibilaty at all, but i will take mine, this may never happen again!!!

I was so affraid all the time that he would die, never a consoling word from his breeder, nothing, only accusations about me and my cats. If i have to, i would do it all over again, because i just LOVE and do CARE about my little Quick. Unfortunate his “breeder” doesn’t…

As I am writing this.. new cats and kittens from the same lines and family are put up for sale by this breeder on the internet. Animals that will suffer and families that will hurt with them. My heart bleeds for these cats and their new family’s…

Buyers Beware of scam artist Anghela Osina/Анжела Осина of Sphynx cattery Pharaon Cats in Saratov Russia!!

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